Take to the Air for Breathtaking Views of Niagara's Majestic Landscapes and Niagara Falls. Everyone gets a window seat. Everyone flies facing forward.

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We're through the front doors and on right. We're through the doors, and on the right.

Experience the power of Niagara Falls, the engineering marvel of the Welland Canal and the history of Niagara-on-the-Lake and the centuries old Fort George and Fort Niagara, all within the comfy confines of a private plane. Scenic and thrilling, Niagara Falls Air Tours makes for a great day out with the kids, an intimate date, or a fun afternoon with some friends. Book your tour now and come to Niagara District Air Port, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. We can't wait to see you!

Testimonial image of couple in front of Airplane “We had a fantastic air tour, and our pilot was wonderful!”

Image of child in Airplane with GrandfatherChildren Start Flying at 24 Months Old, with a Car Seat.

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Tickets & Tours

Grand Tour of Niagara Region

$189 for 30 Minutes—Including:

        • Niagara Falls
        • Niagara-on-the-Lake
        • Lake Ontario
        • Fort George
        • Fort Niagara
        • Hydro Power Dams
        • Power Dam Reservoirs
        • Reservoirs
        • Queenston Heights
        • Whirlpool
        • Niagara Falls City
        • The Welland Canal

Niagara Falls Tour

$159 for 20 Minutes—Including:

        • Niagara Falls
        • Hydro Power Dams
        • Power Dam Reservoirs
        • Queenston Heights
        • Niagara River Gorge
        • Whirlpool
        • Niagara Falls City
        • Welland Canal

Niagara Escarpment Tour

$169 for 30 Minutes—Including:

        • Niagara Escarpment
        • 20 Mile Bench
        • Beamsville Bench
        • Wine Country
        • Decew Power Dam
        • Morningstar Mills
        • Balls Falls
        • Jordan Harbour
        • Lincoln Lakeshore Vineyards
        • Ship Wreck
        • Port Dalhousie Beach
        • Original Welland Canal
        • Port Weller Dry Docks
        • Niagara Lakeshore Vineyards
        • Lake Ontario Shoreline
        • Fort Niagara
        • Fort George

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A map of Niagara Falls Air Tours' flight path.

Tour audio is offered in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

Book a truly unique experience and bring your camera Niagara. You won't want to miss wonderful aerial photo opportunities and memories that last a lifetime. Watch this video and see what you're missing.

One Day Niagara Crew Tours

Niagara Crew Tours is a specialist sightseeing tour agency offering Airline Flight Crews the opportunity to experience all of Ontario's Niagara Region can offer while on layover in Toronto. The staff at Niagara Crew Tours are all current or former Airline Flight Crew and understand the limited time available while on a layover and will cater to your specific needs.

Watch the video below and see what tourist attractions you'll experience.

To book, please email your name, airline name, hotel and contact info info@niagaracrewtours.com to Space is limited. For more information go to NiagaraCrewTours.com

Image of Niagara Crew Tours passengers.

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