Why You Should Give a Niagara Falls Air Tours Gift Voucher

1. Its Original

Material gifts pale in comparison. An experience flying over one of natures most exhilarating sights, Niagara Falls, and over the gorgeous Niagara Region is as special as gifts come.

2. Its Easy

Simply select any tour you want your loved one(s) to experience. Put in the purchase information and print-out the gift voucher. And your done!

3. They Can Redeem at Their Leisure

After you purchase the gift voucher your loved ones have a whole year to redeem it.

4. You Can Even Customize the Gift Voucher

Make them feel even more special. Youre free to select a personalized image and your own words to go on the voucher.

Check off a difficult Christmas task with ease and originality.


See the experience you can give your loved ones


This was such an amazing experience. The staff made us feel very comfortable and explained everything that you were going to see. Spectacular views and would definitely do it again..
Holly A.

It was amazing…My wife and I enjoyed every single moment of the tour…will recommend it to friends.
Soroush S.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Ian and his team treats you amazingly and you experience Niagara like no other. 100% recommended.
Jackson T.